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By Susanna Kalnes, Senior Associate    Under the massive public relations umbrella, there are many tactics that can be deployed to reach your target audience(s).  You can reach your publics via earned media relations, paid advertorials, event marketing, social media/influencer partnerships, speaking engagements, and much, more, more.   Perhaps one of the most overlooked tactics, however,… View Article
By: Neil Shurtz, Content Creator Traditional newsrooms are no longer merely shrinking. Outside the top tier of news outlets, they’re becoming nearly nonexistent. Many outlets, including the industry publications that have the unique focus to reach key customer audiences, are changing the way they cover stories. In the past, staff writers (usually journalists by trade)… View Article
By: Ryan Wilkinson, Account Coordinator There’s no denying that Big Data one of the pivotal forces of the modern age; you can’t throw a rock in San Francisco without hitting a company that claims to be the next big thing in collecting, analyzing or organizing it, and no enterprise wants to make a decision unless… View Article
By Zachary Vito, Senior Account Executive   In today’s highly competitive media landscape, it is becoming harder for startups to secure earned media placements. However, there are assets that can be leveraged to make a story more compelling to journalists, one of which is your customers. As they say, “the proof is in the pudding”… View Article
By Chris Blake, Account Director Our client Janrain, which pioneered the Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) category and manages over 1.5 billion digital identities for clients like Pfizer, Samsung, Whole Foods, Philips, McDonald’s and Dr Pepper, today announced the results of a new survey we worked with them on: the Consumer Attitudes Toward Data… View Article
By: Jon Lavietes, Senior Associate By and large, editors and journalists love lists. You don’t have to look far to see staff-written and contributed articles touting “Three Reasons Why…,” “Five Things That Will…” or “The Top 10 of [insert category name],” especially if you’re perusing Inc. With the requisite compelling-enough content and timely hook, these… View Article
By Sydney Rubin, Account Coordinator    Social media has become an essential part of everyday life. Today, while many argue that it distracts people from being “present” and decreases face-to-face interactions, it is actually a tool that people and brands can use to their advantage. 1.96 billion people across the globe use social media, and… View Article
By: Michael Burke, Account Director At this point it’s probably not possible to overstate the impact of cloud computing on the modern technology landscape, as well as the overall economy. It is, however, still possible to overstate the progress that companies are making in leveraging cloud computing, and it’s certainly possible to misunderstand how it… View Article
By Susanna Kalnes, Senior Associate As PR professionals, our jobs are to take information provided by businesses and organizations and help package it into news stories for the media.  In many ways, we are like translators, but rather than translating one language to another, we are translating marketing content into educational, relevant, and thought-provoking news. … View Article