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By Cecilia Amador | January 17, 2020 The future of work is now. Already, we’re seeing how technology is revolutionizing the way people work and companies operate. This is driving change across many areas, particularly the workplace and different organizational departments. This change is expected to continue in the coming years, however, there’s no time like the present… View Article
By Taylor Andrews | January 17, 2020 Fetishes come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. (I mean, not literally shapes and sizes, but you know, they range from person to person). Some super common fetishes you’ve definitely already heard of (or maybe even tried out) include bondage, role-playing, impact play, and anal sex, but QQ: Ever heard of voyeurism? “Voyeurism is getting sexual excitement… View Article
By Gabrielle Kassel | January 8, 2020 If your life is more about getting things done then getting done, it’s time to enjoy a quickie. “Real life is not like the movies, so sometimes making time for lengthier romps isn’t realistic,” says CalExotics’ resident sexologist Dr. Jill McDevitt. Retweet. The key is remembering that sex doesn’t start or stop at… View Article
By Valerie Bolden-Barrett | January 6, 2020 Dive Brief: Introverts are underrepresented in leadership roles, according to Myers-Briggs Company research released Jan. 2. While most people (57%) say they’re introverts, only 39% of top executives and senior leaders in the U.S. identify as such. It’s a myth that to be a good leader, an individual must be an extravert, Meyers-Briggs said;… View Article
By Marie-Claire Chappet | December 25, 2019 8.30am: Purchase a coffee in your reusable cup. #Smug 12.30pm: Buy your vegan lunch from a plastic-free shop and pop it in your canvas tote bag. #HumbleBrag 9pm: Wash your face with a muslin cloth and bar cleanser. #WhoNeedsWipesAnyway? 10.30pm: Reward yourself with a night of passion, electronic (hello, Rabbit) or otherwise. But… View Article
By Hannah Morgan | January 2, 2020 Introverts Are A Silent Majority If you are an introvert, you may feel you are outnumbered by your louder, more talkative counterparts. But according to Positive Psychology, the Myers-Briggs organization found that: Introverts make up 50.7% of the United States general population and extroverts make up 49.3%. And within this sample, 54.1% of men… View Article
By Elise Craig | December 27, 2019 Over the course of 2019 alone, investors have put more than $150 million into companies like Modern Fertility and EverlyWell, which make at-home fertility-testing kits for women (each $159); Dadi, which provides sperm testing, freezing and storage (starting at $99; see sidebar); as well as start-ups like Kindbody, which… View Article