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By Chiradeep BasuMallick | March 25, 2020 A one-size-fits-all WFH policy isn’t the right answer, even if companies are switching from on-premise to remote working overnight due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In this article, we discuss: Key work from home best practice to follow during the coronavirus outbreak Different personality traits and how they can inform… View Article
By Sherrie Haynie | March 12, 2020 The conversation about work-life balance in modern society began in the midst of the Industrial Revolution. In the centuries since, the discussion that helped establish the 40-hour work week has evolved into a multimillion dollar industry rife with consultancies and scientific articles, begging the question: after so much time and… View Article
February 3, 2020 Tune in to FEDtalk this week to hear about the how agencies can utilize behavioral science to better lead their teams. Leaders in behavioral and organizational sciences will join the show to discuss how managers can increase employee engagement and productivity toward through behavioral insights. Joining our host, Natalia Castro, will be… View Article
By Sue Poremba | February 26, 2020 In August 2019, ESET and The Myers-Briggs Company released preliminary findings of a fascinating study on the way personality types can influence cybersecurity behaviors. With just a snippet of the data available, it was possible that security awareness training could be designed around an individual employee’s personality, increasing the chances that… View Article
Alex Woodie | January 29, 2020 Welcome to On the Radar, a new Datanami feature about interesting new startups in the big data and analytics space. In this week’s edition, we explore three vendors making news, including Promethium, NativeStreams, and Inzata. Promethium, a provider of AI-powered data management software that’s based in Menlo Park, California, has landed… View Article
By Kaycee Lai | February 13, 2020 While a perusal of business magazines and trade outlets involves wading through endless hype about how companies are becoming data-driven, anyone on the inside knows the ugly truth: at most companies, going from business question/problem to data-driven solution is a long, drawn-out and resource-intensive process. We know we’re… View Article
By Sherrie Haynie | February 13, 2020 We often talk about personality types in the context of the workplace and how personality preferences impact how we work with others, but personality preferences have a far-reaching effect on various aspects of our lives. A particularly interesting area to study is how individuals with different personality preferences approach money… View Article