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By Christopher Elliot | July 21, 2021 ‘It’s the biggest travel question of the summer, and maybe of the year: When will travel go back to normal? We’re not there yet. Travel restrictions remain in place. Prices are unpredictable. And people are nervous. “I would not call this normal,” says Sertan Kabadayi, a marketing professor at Fordham… View Article
By Davis Janowski | July 09, 2021 Broadridge Financial Solutions and Tifin Group announced Wednesday that Broadridge will be integrating and making available to advisors a range of the latter’s startup studio and incubator’s 12 wealthtech applications, each run as a separate company. This distribution agreement follows the April announcement of a $22.3 million Series B round of… View Article
By Natalie B. Compton | June 29, 2021 It’s a tough time to be an airline social media manager. This month, both American Airlines and Southwest Airlines made headlines for canceling hundreds and delaying thousands of flights. As a result, Twitter is packed with angry travelers publicly slamming those and other major carriers for all of the inconveniences and disappointments that have followed…. View Article
June 22, 2021 Bitmovin, known for its online streaming video technology, has announced that VuClip, which delivers on-demand entertainment to emerging markets, has achieved “scalable, high-performance video encoding” with Bitmovin’s products on Google Cloud. The deployment is part of a new Bitmovin service offering, “Bitmovin Cloud Connect,” that enables over-the-top (OTT) content providers such as VuClip to deploy… View Article
By Kaycee Lai | June 8, 2021 There are several models to collect, store and organize a company’s data, but one of the most talked about in the last decade has been the data lake, a huge repository that allows the input of massive amounts of any kind of data in raw form at high… View Article
By Michael Raneri | June 4, 2021 Data is increasingly driving our digital interactions — influencing the search results that fall above the line, ads that are relevant to a need, and products and services that align with lifestyle and brand preferences. Our persistent interactions with the likes of Amazon, Google and Uber create the… View Article
By Judy Colbert | June 9, 2021 You may have been able to hear the champagne corks pop and cheers resound on June 5 as the Celebrity Millennium cruise ship weighed anchor for a Caribbean cruise departing from St. Maarten, with North American passengers. It was the first major ship open to them since the pandemic shut… View Article