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By Kaycee Lai | November 14, 2019 Natural language processing (NLP) is a branch of AI focused on enabling humans to communicate with computers in human languages vs. computer languages. When humans speak to each other, the conversations are flexible and fluid. Most discussions don’t break down because of a single error in grammar. Computer languages, however, do…. View Article
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — MSR Communications, a boutique public relations marketing agency in San Francisco, today announced two MarCom Award wins for online placements in the consumer health and wellness and B2B professional services spaces. MSR also announced it has been named Agency of Record for Dadi, a men’s fertility company. The MarCom Awards honor excellence in… View Article
By Michael Segovia  |  November 1, 2019 You’re starting an exciting new job, and you’ve been hired to bring a new perspective to your new employer. During the interview stage, everyone seemed excited about how your ideas differed from the company’s standard way of operating. You can’t wait to get started so you can make big, transformative changes to prove your… View Article
By Mary Shank Rockman | September 10, 2019 In the past 20 years, evolving technology and consumer consumption habits have combined to drive dramatic shifts in media and marketing, which in turn has required new approaches to PR. Back in 1999, the impact of the “information super highway” was being felt in all quarters, yet… View Article
By Ted Kitterman | September 17, 2019 What are some of the biggest changes to rock the PR industry in the last 20 years? An infographic from MSR Communications asked just that as it blocked out the changing PR landscape from 1999 to 2019. Some major changes concern the media upheaval, with newspapers giving way to online news. To… View Article