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Originally published December 4, 2023 | By: Ethan Joyce Artificial intelligence has found spaces throughout the journey to convert initial fan interest into prosperous relationships for teams. And in doing so, it has provided two significant benefits to the people carrying out the work: greater efficiency and more authentic leads. “There are people within that… View Article
Originally published October 26, 2023 | By Brain T. Horowitz In this article, our client Jim Kaskade, CEO of Conversica, delves into how their chatbots serve as AI concierges, revolutionizing lead generation for NBA sports teams like the Milwaukee Bucks. These AI concierges, or chatbots, have seamlessly integrated into the Bucks’ marketing strategy, allowing them… View Article
Originally posted June 9 2023 | By Angelina Maksimovic Conversica has partnered with Salesforce to integrate its generative AI-driven conversational platform with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This collaboration aims to enhance digital marketing automation by incorporating generative AI into active dialogues, surpassing its previous use of suggesting creative content for outbound email or SMS campaigns. The incorporation… View Article
Celebrating Mental Health Month: Spotlight on Trevor Turner This men’s health month, we take this opportunity to recognize one of our outstanding team members and brain injury survivor, Trevor Turner.  At MSR Communications, Trevor serves as an invaluable Account Executive, bringing a fresh perspective that enriches our work and reminds us of the profound impact… View Article
Originally published Oct 31, 2022 | By John Hackston In this article by John Hackston, a chartered psychologist, and head of thought leadership at our client The Myers-Briggs Company, he discusses how individuals can achieve equity within an organization through their understanding of conflict. In the article he references a study issued by The Myers-Briggs… View Article
By John Hackston | September 16, 2021 Is your organization suffering from the ‘turnover tsunami’? If not, think yourself lucky. In a normal pre-pandemic year, average turnover rates were typically under 20%, but in recent research from the Achievers Workforce Institute, over half of survey respondents said they would be looking for a new job… View Article