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Originally posted on September 14, 2023 | By: Julian Durand Organizations face an increasingly chaotic and threatening cybersecurity landscape that includes not only complex systems but also complex systems of systems where devices, networks and people must work together and rely on one another while safeguarding themselves. In this unforgiving digital minefield, the National Institute… View Article
Originally posted on September 5, 2023 | By Hebberly Ahatlan Cyberattacks are posing a significant risk to critical infrastructure such as electricity, water supply, transportation systems and healthcare facilities. Attacks on individual suppliers or partners can propagate throughout complex supply chains and affect the infrastructure’s overall integrity. Such disruptions can result in substantial economic losses… View Article
Originally posted on August 24, 2023 | By Alex Woodie Large language models (LLMs) have dominated the data and AI conversation through the first eight months of 2023, courtesy of the whirlwind that is ChatGPT. Despite the consumer success, few companies have concrete plans to put commercial LLMs into production, with concerns about privacy and ethics… View Article
Originally posted on August 28, 2023 | By Cindy Tan , Victor Dey AI companies are racing to provide the best generative AI solutions for enterprises, indicating an increasing organizational appetite for artificial intelligence to streamline workflows and enhance productivity. But, concerns about ethical implications of AI and corporate responsibility have surfaced. A recent survey by AI-solutions provider Conversica, delves into… View Article
Originally posted on August 18, 2023 | By Julian Durand and Amandeep Grover Playing devil’s advocate, let’s pose the following question: Why do people use the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption system used for sending encrypted emails and encrypting sensitive files, or secure messaging applications like WhatsApp or Signal? After all, Transport Layer Security (TLS) offers… View Article
Originally posted on June 22, 2023 | By John Hackston As artificial intelligence (AI) technologies grow in sophistication, businesses are increasingly turning to them to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and improve productivity. HR professionals are under pressure to integrate AI tools into their recruitment, training, and performance evaluation processes to keep pace with this rapidly evolving… View Article
Originally posted on June 13, 2023 | By Barb Mosher Zinck Some B2B tech companies support revenue teams by providing back-office insights and guidance. Then there is Conversica, a B2B software company that uses AI for automation to support marketing, sales, and customer success teams on the front end of the customer experience. The company introduced its… View Article
Originally posted on May 24, 2023 | By John Hackston Since ChatGPT became widely available to the general public at the end of 2022, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a hot topic in nearly every industry. While the discussion may feel like the classic hype that accompanies the introduction of all new technologies, we’re told that AI could… View Article