MSR is thrilled to announce we’ve won two Platinum awards from the MarCom Awards 2023 competition in the categories of Public Relations Program and Publicity Campaign. Each award recognizes MSR’s work with our client Conversica titled  “Seizing the Spotlight: Capitalizing on the ChatGPT Frenzy with Strategic PR & Issues-Jacking.

The MarCom Awards 2023’s coveted Platinum Award honors professionals who deliver exceptional results for clients through strategic campaigns and are selected among 6,500 global submissions. We are proud of our award-winning entries that exemplify MSR’s strengths in creativity, strategic execution, and securing exemplary results. Our agency stood out from the crowd and represented our longstanding expertise issues-jacking our clients into relevant themes and discussions within the media landscape.

Navigating the ChatGPT Frenzy

MSR’s campaign for Conversica focused on capitalizing on the immense media attention that surrounded ChatGPT after its release. Recognizing the potential of this emerging technology, we tapped into our client’s expertise in AI and continued to offer spokespeople as knowledgeable resources who were able to provide insightful analysis and commentary about Generative AI, its potential benefits, and risks.

By carefully monitoring media trends and identifying key opportunities for coverage, we were able to secure numerous placements–both in print and online; and on broadcast TV and podcast networks. These opportunities have effectively elevated our client’s brand visibility and established them as a trusted source of expertise surrounding all areas of AI, large language models, Conversational AI, Generative AI and chatbots.

Leading the Conversation

We are incredibly proud of the strategy we developed and outreach conducted to harness the media attention surrounding ChatGPT by inserting our client’s voice into the broader conversation. The team’s dedication to creativity and execution of this award-winning campaign underscores MSR’s excellence in public relations. Our talented team’s hard work and passion continue to contribute significantly to MSR’s success and award wins over the years.