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Originally posted on 10 March 2023 Talal Shamoon is the CEO of Intertrust. Talal Shamoon became Intertrust’s CEO in 2003. Under his leadership, Intertrust has grown from a small R&D and licensing company to a global leader in trusted computing products and services, licensing, and standardization. Today, Intertrust’s inventions enable billions of licensed products worldwide and… View Article
Originally posted on 8 March 2023 | By RACHEL CUBAS-WILKINSON  MIT Sloan found that employee perception of company culture is ten times more predictive of attrition and turnover than compensation. The message from that research is clear: Employees don’t want to work in a toxic company culture. But what exactly is a toxic culture? Most of us tend… View Article
By Jacob Drouin Employee engagement in work-from-home environments has been a hot topic on the internet recently. The increased workplace flexibility has given way to the term “quiet-quitting”, characterized as doing the bare minimum to keep a job. The discourse around this issue is split into two camps, with some believing it stems from a… View Article
Originally posted on 6 March 2023 | By Greg Tavarez Generative AI is a hot topic in the field of artificial intelligence. One compound reason for this is the wide range of potential applications generative AI has (such as generating realistic images and videos for entertainment and gaming, generating realistic data for scientific simulations and modeling,… View Article
Originally posted on 6 March 2023 | By Stephanie Ross Forecasting sales is a vital aspect of any business strategy. Accurate predictions of future revenue are essential to making informed decisions and allocating resources effectively. The good news is that advancements in AI and machine learning have made this task much more manageable and precise. Businesses… View Article
Originally posted on 1 March 2023 | By Glen D. Vondrick Recession prediction is always a difficult game, particularly since the traditional rules of that game have changed since 2020. Whether we are now on the brink of what economists would call a recession or not, it’s clear that current workforce disruptions are posing challenges to… View Article