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By John Hackston | November 12, 2021 When we were very young, choosing a career seemed to be very straightforward. We just knew that we were destined to be a rock star, an astronaut, a sporting legend… whatever we wanted to be. Of course, by the time we get to choosing a job for real, most of… View Article
By Jamie Waters | November 10, 2021 Finis smart swimming goggles, $235 Up your swim game with these goggles from Finis, available in countries including the US; and Australia (but not the UK or EU). Your real-time stats including lap counts and split times are displayed in the corner of the lenses – and, for a more extensive… View Article
By John Hackston | September 16, 2021 Is your organization suffering from the ‘turnover tsunami’? If not, think yourself lucky. In a normal pre-pandemic year, average turnover rates were typically under 20%, but in recent research from the Achievers Workforce Institute, over half of survey respondents said they would be looking for a new job… View Article
By Alex Ledsom | August 29, 2021 As the Delta variant continues its march across the planet, it’s no longer a given that things will return to ‘travel normal’ and despite increasing vaccinations, there are doubts about whether travel is a good idea during fall, or indeed winter, 2021. This doesn’t mean that people aren’t currently… View Article
By Kenneth Kiesnoski | August 18, 2021 The ever-evolving Covid-19 pandemic is reshaping where Americans spend their travel dollars and how they protect that investment. That’s according to the latest findings from travel insurance firms and the industry experts that track them. Airfare comparison site Next Vacay said it analyzed Google searches about travel insurance over the last 12… View Article