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30 March 2022 Promethium announced a partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to deliver federated query pipelines for the Data Cloud. Promethium’s federated query pipelines can enable Snowflake customers to publish a federated query created in Promethium to Snowflake’s platform with just a few clicks, without writing code or designing complex ETL pipelines. Data… View Article
2 March 2022 | By  Kevin Truong San Francisco housing nonprofit Urban Vision Alliance (UVA) launched Wednesday with the goal of ending the city’s homelessness crisis by building a coalition of nonprofits, businesses and community leaders who can mesh their unique skills to establish permanent housing solutions for the city’s most vulnerable residents. Originally founded as Halt Homelessness… View Article
1 March 2022 | By Kevin Fagan Desperate to combat a drug epidemic that’s cost more than 1,300 lives in the past two years, San Francisco officials are pushing to get more people into treatment and spending millions on expanding existing programs and creating new ones. Now, some city leaders and nonprofits are reviving talk… View Article
By Lucy Siegel | March 24, 2020 With Corona virus cases increasing geometrically, many people worldwide have to work from home right now. While there’s an abundance of advice about how to organize yourself to work remotely, not so much is available for how the boss should suddenly manage an entire staff remotely, especially in this atmosphere where many… View Article