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Originally posted on June 22, 2023 | By John Hackston As artificial intelligence (AI) technologies grow in sophistication, businesses are increasingly turning to them to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and improve productivity. HR professionals are under pressure to integrate AI tools into their recruitment, training, and performance evaluation processes to keep pace with this rapidly evolving… View Article
Originally posted on June 20, 2023 | By Mark Athitakis A new report has found that many in the post-pandemic workplace still report feeling lonely and looking to find effective ways to collaborate. The findings are included in a report released last week by SHRM titled The Next Pandemic: Loneliness and the Power of Casual Collisions. Based on a sample of HR… View Article
Originally posted on June 13, 2013 Change your perception: When the brain and body enter the sympathetic state, also known as fight or flight, it’s extremely helpful to reduce stress. Our body’s stress response is responsible for activating the limbic system, which becomes hyper-sensitive to bodily sensations. Although people may not have control over all the… View Article
Originally posted on June 13, 2023 | By Barb Mosher Zinck Some B2B tech companies support revenue teams by providing back-office insights and guidance. Then there is Conversica, a B2B software company that uses AI for automation to support marketing, sales, and customer success teams on the front end of the customer experience. The company introduced its… View Article
Originally posted on June 9 2023 | By Yusuf Latief Standardising security formats, application interfaces and compliance requirements for energy IoT hardware and software will be crucial for creating a level playing field that addresses common challenges. TEIA’s goal is to develop standards for secure interoperability, enabling the energy value chain from conventional and alternative fuels,… View Article
Originally posted June 9 2023 | By Angelina Maksimovic Conversica has partnered with Salesforce to integrate its generative AI-driven conversational platform with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This collaboration aims to enhance digital marketing automation by incorporating generative AI into active dialogues, surpassing its previous use of suggesting creative content for outbound email or SMS campaigns. The incorporation… View Article
Originally posted on June 8 2023 Conversica, a provider of artificial intelligence-powered conversation automation solutions, partnered with Salesforce to integrate its generative AI-driven conversational platform with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The integration of Conversica AI-powered Revenue Digital Assistants (RDAs) into Salesforce Marketing Cloud will help companies engage leads and customers within email and SMS, enabling targeted,… View Article
Originally posted on May 9, 2023 It’s impossible to deny the impact of immersive technology on today’s content landscape. Extended Reality solutions aren’t just changing the way people interact with games, they’re also influencing how we interact with brands, learn about new products, and consume entertainment.   Unfortunately, while demand for immersive experiences is increasing, a… View Article