Originally posted on June 20, 2023 | By Mark Athitakis

A new report has found that many in the post-pandemic workplace still report feeling lonely and looking to find effective ways to collaborate.

The findings are included in a report released last week by SHRM titled The Next Pandemic: Loneliness and the Power of Casual Collisions. Based on a sample of HR professionals and U.S. workers surveyed in late 2022, the report suggests that efforts to improve workplace wellness since COVID-19 have struggled to gain traction.

For instance, 35 percent of HR professionals surveyed said that loneliness is now more prevalent in the workplace than it was before the pandemic. Though a smaller proportion of workers overall (22 percent) say they feel lonely more often now than they did in 2019, the concern is more acute among younger workers. Nearly a fourth of Gen Z workers (24 percent) say they feel lonely on the job, substantially higher than the 13 percent of all workers who say they do.

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