Originally published January 10, 2023 | By Michael Segovia

In this article, Michael Segovia, Principal Consultant and Certification Faculty at The Myers-Briggs Company, dives into the great resignation and how organizations can help managers keep and develop employees during times of high turnover.

Specifically, he discusses how understanding personality type – how we naturally and instinctively tend to think, communicate, and work— impacts how we lead, communicate, manage conflict, and motivate (or not). Time and time again, he’s seen that the number one reason people leave an organization is due to their relationship (or lack thereof) with a manager.

To help managers lead during everyday stress, Michael advises they learn to “flex” their personality type and behave in ways that run counter to their natural tendencies — if the situation calls for it.

To read his tips based on personality type, read the article at HR.com.