Originally posted on November 20, 2023 | By: Dr. Martin Boult

Teamwork is essential for organizational success, yet many teams aren’t performing at their highest potential. While completing tasks is crucial, often too much focus is put on tasks (what teams do) and not enough on processes (how teams do it). Unleashing the true power of a team requires adopting a robust process orientation, the key to which involves going beyond visible behaviors to uncover hidden team dynamics.

While the visible elements of team dynamics have been well-covered in countless books, articles and TED Talks, the hidden psychological dynamics within teams have been neglected in the management and team-building discourse. Building an effective team requires far more than getting the right mix of skill sets together. Regardless of the skills, knowledge, and abilities the members of a team have, if they aren’t comfortable communicating openly or aligning around a shared purpose, that team won’t be effective.

Understanding the psychology underlying team interactions is the key to addressing these kind of challenges and unlocking a team’s full capabilities. By focusing on both visible and hidden elements, leaders can cultivate the conditions for teams to thrive.

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