Originally published December 27, 2022 | By Michele McGovern

What will the 2023 employee experience look like?

While HR can’t predict next year’s experience, you can most definitely help define it. And you’ll likely want to make it better than ever.

The key will be to act on employees’ emerging expectations and underlying needs that changed dramatically over the past several years.

“Just because employees are now choosing to stick around doesn’t mean that they’re suddenly going to be highly engaged, highly motivated employees,” says Jabra SVP Holger Reisinger. “To reverse the years-long trend in decreasing employee engagement, leaders must begin to show more recognition – for the financial challenges employees are facing, for the changing role that work is playing in people’s lives, and simply for a job well done.”

To move forward with that as a guidepost, here are five of the top 2023 employee experience expectations and trends – and how you can meet them.

Need for assurance

Nearly everything has been unsettling in the past few years – pandemic, work and home upheavals, social concerns and the economy. Perhaps the most important workplace trend in 2023 will be creating a greater sense of security.

Employees are looking for assurance that their job and their employer are on solid footing, according to the Qualtrics 2023 Employee Experience Trends Report.

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