As each new year begins, many make predictions about what trends will be experienced in the coming months. MSR client, and web content management provider, Kentico, took this a step further by commissioning a new survey that was conducted by independent global research agency Millward Brown to hone in on what today’s most successful #marketing professionals are doing differently than their peers.

CMO Magazine, Bulldog Reporter, Adweek, and Brandweek are among the outlets that covered the findings.

According to the study, high performing marketers not only plan to invest more into #social and #mobile than their underperforming peers in 2015, they also plan to put more money back into email marketing.

This suggests a comeback of sorts for email, which has been written off by some as a dying #technology. The fact is email continues to grow—from 4.1 billion accounts in 2014 to more than 5.2 billion accounts by the end of 2018, according to the Radicati Group, despite the emergence of Twitter, Facebook, and Why?

Because in many ways, it remains the most reliable solution for reaching the people you want to reach with the message you want them to see. For all the talk of Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ replacing e-mail, they all include e-mail-like messaging capabilities. Social networks aren’t replacing email—or IM, texting or the telephone, for that matter. They’re growing alongside these communication methods. Similarly, digital #marketers are investing more in email marketing just as they’re investing more in social and mobile.

Going back to the survey, marketers also report that customer experience management, #BigData, and the Internet of Things are among this year’s highest priorities.
Other areas of focus for 2015 include personalization of online content and marketing, mobile-specific apps and ads, and social marketing and analytics. Meanwhile, high performing marketers are moving away from user-generated product, service innovations and marketing content.

What do you think about the priorities of digital marketers in 2015? Download the full report at report and tell us what you think below!