Originally published March 8, 2024 | By: Isabelle Bousquette

In this Wall Street Journal article, we learn how public relations agency MSR Communciation’s client Conversica helped a lesser-known candidate, Jason Palmer, defy the odds to win in American Samoa’s Democratic caucus. This remarkable turn of events sheds light on the transformative potential of innovative campaign strategies that integrate artificial intelligence (AI).

AI’s Unique Role

The article explains the distinctive use of AI in political campaigns, emphasizing its capability to craft tailored responses to voter inquiries. Despite Palmer’s physical absence from the region, his AI system engaged voters effectively, articulating his stances and educating constituents remotely, a testament to the strategic fusion of AI technology and public relations tactics.

Efficiency in Action

Bousquette’s article underscores the campaign’s efficiency, noting Palmer’s expenditure of less than $5,000 on the American Samoa campaign. Despite operating with a small team of just five full-time staffers, Palmer effectively maximized resources through this strategic communications approach.

Palmer AI vs. Other Models

Later in the article, Bousquette provides additional insight into Palmer’s AI with commentary from Conversica’s Chief Executive, Jim Kaskade, who worked with Palmer. Kaskade elaborates on the distinctions between Palmer’s AI model and other publicly available large language models. One main difference was the strict guardrails on Palmer’s AI model which are critical for mitigating the risk of a potential public relations crisis.

Lastly, Bosquette ends with a quote from Palmer himself, where he explains that AI can be used for good or bad, and it’s necessary to update legislation but not stop the technology’s usage outright for the sake of a few bad actors.

This stance reflects his commitment to responsible technology usage and underscores the importance of ethical AI deployment in political campaigns, bolstered by sound public relations practices.

To read more about Palmer’s use of AI in his political campaign, visit The Wall Street Journal for the full article.