Originally published March 19, 2024 | By: Samantha Gonda

Any agency owner will tell you that PR is as much about building strong client relations as it is cultivating strong relationships with the media. Echoing Samantha’s insights in this article, we believe in the value of nurturing client relations and building strong rapport on the client side to position ourselves as a trusted partner and, ultimately, an extension of the client’s team. Through this process, clients recognize that PR is a marathon, not a sprint and that it requires constant engagement to stay top of mind, especially in between news announcements.

In the blog, Samatha outlines fifteen tips for agencies looking to build a fast rapport with clients.

Some of our favorite tips are:

Celebrate their milestones

We love it when our clients have big news to share, whether it’s an anniversary, a new product launch, or a customer win. While our first thought may be to pitch the news, Samantha reminds us to celebrate the client directly as well. A thoughtful handwritten note expressing mutual excitement about their success goes a long way. These small, consistent gestures add up over time and can cultivate a strong working relationship.

Celebrate their wins on social

It’s easy to share your agency’s wins on social, but don’t forget to share your clients’ wins, too. When you repost about their launch, webinars, speaking opportunities, or award wins, it shows them you’re cheering them on and giving their celebratory moments additional exposure. Make sure to tag clients in posts or link back to their website whenever possible; they will appreciate the additional traffic to their pages. We often feature our clients’ contributed articles or press releases on our own social media, tagging their accounts and providing a link to the article.

Be proactive and propose campaign ideas

It’s important to show clients that you’re in tune with their needs and constantly thinking about new campaigns that can elevate their brand. Having a road map is nice, but you have to be proactive when you’re in between announcements. We love Samantha’s suggestion to regularly brainstorm for new campaign ideas. It’s something we’re always doing. Whether auditing our work or capitalizing on upcoming trends or observances, we make sure we’re always thinking about the next big idea.

By implementing these three strategies, a boutique agency can thrive and have strong, lasting client relationships beyond contracts.

To read the full list of tips on how to build strong, lasting client relationships, visit PR Boutiques International.