Originally published January 12, 2023 | By Skip Descant

Companies like Intertrust Technologies and StreetLight Data are developing new data tools for the planners integrating electric vehicles and charging infrastructure into the broader transportation network.

The new and varying amounts of data surrounding electric vehicles has technology makers scurrying to develop new tools for policymakers, planners, charger operators and utilities.

Intertrust Technologies, the maker of technology to ensure the safe transfer of data, has developed a platform to allow the easy and safe transfer of data related to the placement of charging infrastructure.

Meanwhile, StreetLight Data, a traffic transportation analysis firm, has developed a new tool that gives planners the full picture of how EVs are being used across a transportation network.

“We have all these different data types that can really paint a better picture of what needs to be done, but it’s all held in silos and a lot of these organizations are reluctant — or challenged — to share this data,” said Chris Kalima, vice president of product management at Silicon Valley-based Intertrust.

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