Originally posted on August 29, 2023 | By Matthew Gideon

Hostess has been a staple of the global food market for more than a hundred years, producing some of the world’s most beloved desserts and baked goods including Sno Balls, HoHos, Ding Dongs and, of course, Twinkies. But even an experienced maker of snacks needs some help streamlining its data and warehousing processes.

Previously, Hostess was getting data about what was moving through and out of its warehouses via various outdated methods, including Excel spreadsheets, says Jeremy Vance, CIO and vice president of I.T. of Hostess.

Despite moving to a cloud-based data management system, Hostess found it was not able to move massive amounts of data. In search of help, Hostess turned to the relatively new-born California-based company Promethium, headed by CEO, Kaycee Lai. By providing Hostess with access to its cloud-based, data-management platform, Promethium was able to help the business address its issues.

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