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Making sense of IoT-kind data from machines and sensors data comes often with its unique challenges, such as the need for time-series databases in storage, and for relatively deep domain expertise in analysis. These kinds of factors create a certain mismatch with many leading technologies that have been designed for more traditional, “digital-first” analytic environments…. View Article
As a workin’ man (as my grandfather would say), I confess that I enjoy  the moaning of my friends still in college, whose life that I left not too long ago. The truth is that, while I am now ascending toward middle age hair loss with increasing rapidity, and I no longer have to worry… View Article
Wearable tech is interweaving technology into everyday life — and that includes our very personal lives. The kGoal from Minna Life is inserted into the body for pelvic floor exercises, like a FitBit for the vagina. Other devices range from the Synapse dress to designer bracelets that also function as a security device. The wearable movement has been… View Article
CEO of data management startup Peaxy is Manuel Terranova. The former GE Oil & Gas division CIO reminds us that, “No one will deny that telemetry data generated by embedded sensors has opened doors to a new universe of innovation. However, few realize that for Global 1,000 manufacturers to make the Industrial Internet a reality, engineering teams… View Article
According to sex-toy maker and sexual-health company Minna Life, over 50% of 15- to 44-year-olds “don’t know” or “aren’t sure” how to do a Kegel, while 17% don’t know what Kegels are. A quick definition, for that latter group: Kegels are pelvic-floor muscle contractions (in other words, what you’d do if you tried to stop urinating mid-stream). Think of your pelvic floor… View Article
What is it, exactly, that moves people to trust a brand’s editorial content? Make no mistake: developing a loyal audience is hard stuff. A recent Kentico survey found that nearly 75 percent of respondents visit no more than 10 blogs regularly. If you’re in digital publishing, breaking into that top 10 is imperative to your success. In… View Article
Unable to sleep? Or complete the minimum amount of peaceful sleeping time? If one comes across the above asked questions, then they need to think about the cause of their insufficient sleep. If the reasons for not completing your sound sleep are minor, like — late sleeping schedules, challenges falling asleep and difficulty waking up;… View Article