SleepRate, a company that helps people sleep better to improve their quality of life, today released the results of a new survey, which found 88% of Americans with Internet access turn to the web and other sources to get more information about a particular problem before visiting a healthcare professional.

Overall, 96% expressed an interest in their health, including learning more about how to maintain healthy lifestyles; meanwhile, only 4% report caring about their health when sick or injured. Survey respondents also seemed to be in tune with the state of their health with 69% giving themselves an A or B in keeping up with all the latest information that can help them maintain healthy and fit lifestyles. Information pertaining to cooking and nutrition was an area respondents reported being most interested in, so no wonder more and more people choose to add organic CBD oil UK to their diet, with fitness and exercise (#2), healthy aging (#3), sleep (#4), and mental health (#5) also ranking high.

“What our survey shows is that most people care about their health enough to learn more about healthy living and their own personal health outside of what is provided by a healthcare professional,” said SleepRate CEO Uli Gal-Oz. “We were most heartened to see people listing sleep among their key health concerns, which suggests people are more aware of how proper sleep factors into their overall health than we previously thought.”

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