IoT Analytics Market will Boom

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Making sense of IoT-kind data from machines and sensors data comes often with its unique challenges, such as the need for time-series databases in storage, and for relatively deep domain expertise in analysis. These kinds of factors create a certain mismatch with many leading technologies that have been designed for more traditional, “digital-first” analytic environments. This, in turn, is attracting a flurry of startup-level activity aimed at filling the gaps.

According to practice director Dan Shey, “What is remarkable about this market is how much of the¬†innovation¬†actually comes from startups. Take, for instance, ParStream’s geo-distributed architecture, CyberLightning’s 3D visualization technology or Peaxy’s work on software-defined data access. All three address some of the problems that usually come up in discussions with end-users. Meanwhile, of the more incumbent vendors likes of Datawatch, Informatica, Software AG and Splunk seem well-positioned to seize the IoT opportunity.”

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