Are you able to speak properly and make rational decisions when you’re super turned on? Because I can’t. I call this having “sex brain,” and it’s way more serious than an intense craving to pounce on your crush as soon as they walk into the room. Rather, it’s an inability to think, talk, and act logically that can plague even the most levelheaded among us.

Sex brain is oh-so real and can strike in a number of ways, like jumbling words when you’re trying to talk dirty, having unprotected sex because you’re in the heat of the moment, going back on your plan to not hook up with someone after experiencing electrifying sexual chemistry in their presence, or something else entirely. There is a common denominator “symptom” of all these events, though: doing something that’s outside the realm of what you’d consider a good decision in your normal, sexually unaroused state of mind.

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