By  and  | December 23, 2020

Many introverts find that they’ve got some extra work to do to make a good impression on the job. An introverted employee can come across to others as harder to get to know, inhibited, disengaged, or even aloof. For Black women, things can be even more complicated, particularly if they’re in leadership positions or on a leadership career path.

Introversion in Leadership

Before we dive into this issue fully, let’s talk about what “introversion” means according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) framework, and how it influences leadership style. Contrary to popular belief, introversion doesn’t mean being shy. Rather, people with a preference for introversion are energized by spending time in their inner worlds with their thoughts. They’re usually more selective about the number of people they spend time with, and are often viewed by others as private or reserved.

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