|  December 3, 2021

As the scientific community works to understand the omicron variant of the coronavirus, travel advisers are finding their workloads increasing. Customers spooked by stories of stranded passengers want to know how they will maneuver around rapidly evolving travel bans, border closings and new restrictions ahead of what was expected to be a bustling holiday season. “Every single trip on the books has been a call,” GTC Tzell travel adviser David Waldes says. “They’re looking for guidance.”

Unfortunately for antsy clients, advisers don’t have much information to offer yet. Some are telling customers to wait and see how the research on omicron develops — and how countries respond — before canceling or changing itineraries.

Working with a travel adviser can be one way to help safeguard your travel plans; it is their job to stay current on restrictions and manage unexpected obstacles. But even without a professional, the everyday traveler can take plenty of measures to protect a trip.

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