The Rise In Connected Kegel Devices

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“If you think that biological life is inscrutable and you think that machines are understandable and controllable — if you think of bodies like machines, there’s the promise that you can fully understand and control them,” explains Lucy Suchman, a sociologist at Lancaster University in the U.K. Suchman studies how wearables reflect the ways in which we see our own bodies.

The way to understand something inscrutable, at least in Western society right now, is to quantify it — to gather data. The bigger the data, the better. And what is more inscrutable than the inner workings of the vagina?

So here we are, witnessing the rise in connected Kegel devices.

The products are varied: Loop — which looks like a bulbous, purple thumb, but sexier — came from a partnership between two sex-toy designers and some biomedical engineers.Elvie looks like a tiny sperm with its tail curled up beneath it. The kGoal looks more like a hand grenade with a handle. Yet another product, Skea, though not yet for sale, combines Kegel exercises with an iPhone game; it surpassed its Kickstarter goal by over $10,000 in August of last year.

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