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73% of online adults use social networking sites, according to Mediabistro. Whether it is for business or personal purposes, it is important to be wary of the way one portrays his or herself on the Internet.

Here are a few tips we have gathered on general social media etiquette:

1. Know the difference between Facebook and Twitter.

Language, Length, and Frequency. Be mindful of the way your friends and followers see your content. Reserve real-time updates for your Twitter and post statuses that are not as time-sensitive on Facebook.

2. #Do #not #over #hashtag or #hashtagstatementsthatarewaytoolong

Hashtags are to categorize and join or start a conversation. This goes for both Facebook and Twitter. Jump in on conversations by doing a quick search on related keywords and incorporate a trending topic or create a new conversation by making a new hashtag – remember, keep it short and relevant! For more on hashtags, click here.

3. Always tag your mentions.

The peers you mention deserve to know they are being mentioned, whether it is a friend or celebrity. Also, tagging mentions can put you in danger of subtweeting! Hint: Incorporating tags and mentions can help you grow your community, similar to how hashtags work.

4. Avoid clutter.

Think about what might make your public profile aesthetically pleasing. Don’t be redundant and keep your content interesting.


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