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Television, radio and modern mass media made it easier to be discovered and influence.  In reality it still requires money, time and other people’s networks. But now many people act as their own journalists, editors and media entrepreneurs.

Why use social media?

Blogs, social media and social networks have turned a traditional model of influence, attention and self-expression into something new. It is mobile, multimedia rich and it’s free. I have a friend in the industry and I heard he used to buy subscribers for YouTube.

Many challenges come with social media & blogging, especially when you are using them for your business brand. The challenge is not having access to the media, and the tools provided to take control but the passion and motivation needed to make it happen.

Creating valuable content and building your network on social media goes beyond just an online conversation. It provides a global connectedness, culture change and gives individuals a chance to express themselves and their inspirations.  The power of media gives everyone a chance to create their own influence.

The difference in media today is that it is portrayed in full color and rich multimedia. Anyone can easily self-publish and upload their novel to Amazon. They can effortlessly upload photographs and written work on a website for thousands of viewers to engage in. They can simply click “Submit Post” to start a media debate online full of opinions from all over the world. And this is what makes it exciting. You discover skills you didn’t know you had, and your passions turn into business.