Why data interoperability is a trusted foundation for today’s energy companies

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Originally posted on October 9, 2023 | By: Chris Kalima

As much as energy companies have relied on generators, wires and other equipment as a trusted foundation, so energy companies need a trusted foundation in the digital world. And that is data interoperability, writes Chris Kalima of Intertrust Technologies.

Modern energy infrastructures are complex, comprising many stakeholder elements that must be coordinated to deliver maximum value and efficiency. Central to these complex energy ecosystems is data. Huge amounts of data. Energy data comes in different formats, often resides in disparate locations, and is governed by complex rules and regulations.

Data interoperability allows data to be unified and used together, irrespective of format and location. It ensures that data is more trustworthy and enables energy companies to maximise value from it and overcome the significant challenges posed by distributed data assets.

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