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Originally posted on October 6, 2023 | By: Charlie Fink

There’s a popular new heavy-metal band on social media, The Frostbite Orckings, whose animated videos are racking up millions of views. Their music is created by an AI model from a startup based in Bingen, Germany, Musical Bits. Founded in late 2021 by Stefan Schmidt, a singer, guitar player, piano player, and composer, who has toured internationally with his metal a-cappella band VAN CANTO while working a day job in Artificial Intelligence. “It was finally the idea to bring two of the things that I love together,” he told me in a conversation last month.

According to Schmidt, Musical Bits’ innovation is based on what they call “Creativity Layers,” which stack the creative parts of composition like arrangement, rhythm, instrumental interplay, harmony, melodies, lyrics, and text, on top of each other, with each layer having its own set of custom built and trained AI models.

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