SleepRate’s sleep improvement solution uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI) to improve your sleep. In studies, it has shown an 85% success rate. SleepRate’s CBTI solution is:

-Exclusively licensed CBTI protocols from Stanford University

-Proven technique used by leading universities and sleep clinics worldwide

-Recognized by the National Institutes of Health as “first line treatment” for insomnia

-Non-pharmacological Treatment = No pills, No Side Effects, Natural Home Remedy for Insomnia SleepRate’s CBTI works by aligning the systems that control your sleep:

-Stabilizes your Sleep Drive (how tired you are when it is time to go to sleep)

-Reconnects Bed with Sleep (“pavlovian” conditioning so when you enter bed your brain is switching to “sleep” mode)

-Tunes your Biological Clock (so your biological clock signals to go to sleep at the right time)

-Lower your Sleep Related Anxiety (so your “fight or flight” system is calm when it is time to go to sleep and there is no “danger” signal. You can also lower your anxiety levels and sleep well with CBD oil, that can also be very useful for your pets too. Find these products by clicking on this link┬áright here.

In addition, SleepRate’s sleep tracking system analyzes snore in the room (if you snore – it could be a signal for a medical sleeping disorder, if your bed partner snores – it could disrupt your sleep frequently during the night). SleepRate also finds environment noises that disrupts your sleep and lets you hear them, so you can eliminate them.

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