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SleepRate Survey: Your Dates Want to Know if You Snore

If you’re among the 60% who admit they snore themselves, 89% say in the end, snoring is not a deal breaker. So why the need to know? Perhaps it’s a matter of prudence. If there’s a chance your dream guy or gal will keep you up with their snoring, you’ll know to stick to your own bed on work nights. Or perhaps it’s simply a matter of wanting to know everything about your potential mate—the good and the bad—so there are no surprises.

Whatever the reason, snoring may not bother your potential partner, but it should still be taken seriously since it can signal a serious health issue such as sleep apnea and even the increased likelihood of stroke and heart disease. Snoring can also over time deprive both you and your partner of much-needed sleep, which in itself can lead to decreased performance, cognitive impairment, stress, and accidents. And so it is unfortunate that of those who snore, only 27% plan to do something about it.

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