Selling It Simply

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Selling it Simply

With the incredible growth and spike in popularity of social media over the past few years, it’s not shocking that marketing is going.. VIRAL! We have been shown throughout the last three months that simple amateur commercials can trump million dollar marketing campaigns and that the power of simple social media can be your greatest asset to leverage.




Right before the New Year, we saw Bing’s ‘Heroic Women of 2013’ commercial. This commercial encouraged, inspired, touched and triggered a new sense of motivation in us all in a 60 second commercial. How you ask? By combining footage of women who have persevered extraordinary circumstances, including a video of San Francisco’s own, Dr. Deborah Cohan. Moments before this Harvard-educated doctor underwent surgery for her bilateral mastectomy to fight breast cancer, she dances around the operating room with her colleagues to Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied”. Her intention is for people to be courageous and comfortable in their bodies regardless of their circumstances. This video, filmed on a camera that could probably fit in your pocket, has created HUGE amounts of publicity for Dr. Cohan, UCSF, BING and CaringBridge (a nonprofit).


Make-A-Wish Foundation





Make-A-Wish Foundation made a wish come true November 15th in San Francisco for a five year old boy who battled leukemia into remission. He wanted to be Batman for a day, so Make-A-Wish made it happen! By the grace of social media and the general population’s good heartedness, this quickly turned into the biggest event this nonprofit has EVER put on! In a matter of 30 days, Make-A-Wish’s donations increased by $1.47 million. This is believed to be primarily due to the publicity BatKid received – even President Obama posted a Vine acknowledging this super five year old!




December 16th, Apple showed us just how much our iPhones can enhance our lives. This 90 second commercial takes place over the course of a holiday season and in the end shows how misunderstood iPhone users can be. Apple’s advertising budget has reportedly just reached $1 billion, while the entire 2013 holiday commercial was shot on an iPhone 5S. This high quality, moving commercial proves to be the best source of advertising for Apple, as it is a first-hand example of Apple’s quality, endless uses of its products, but most importantly, it’s promotion of communal involvement rather than introversion.