MENLO PARK, Calif.Oct. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — AI-driven augmented data management provider Promethium today announced the release of its new AI-powered Data Navigation System (DNS), the first analytics solution to use natural language processing (NLP) to generate complex SQL queries from human language requests.

With over 350 database, data warehouse, data lake and BI vendors, highly paid data scientists and IT professionals dedicate months of complex manual labor to deliver data to the business unit requesting it. The costs, delays, risks and governance issues associated with this are immense and will only worsen as data grows in volume and complexity. Promethium helps customers bypass these difficulties through AI and ML-driven contextual automation software that goes beyond merely locating data to presenting it in a form where users can gain a deep understanding of it.

“Promethium is finally tearing down the walls in analytics that have been blocking all the massive data-driven innovations enterprises should have already been seeing by now,” said Nate McQueen, CDO, Launch Consulting Group.

Natural Language-Generated SQL Queries Assemble Data Across Systems and Platforms
With Promethium, business analysts and other non-technical professionals can use plain language to tap their organization’s data for answers to complex questions. Users simply ask a question, and Promethium:

  • Locates the data
  • Demonstrates how it should be assembled
  • Automatically generates the SQL statement to get the right data
  • Executes the query

Promethium allows users to automatically draw actionable knowledge from multiple data sources through federated queries that run across all databases, data lakes and warehouses, providing answers within minutes instead of months (with sub-second query times). At the same time, Promethium automatically ensures all data is complete while identifying duplications and providing full lineage to confirm insights are trustworthy, making it easier to comply with government and industry regulations.

Global Manufacturing Taps Promethium to Accelerate Innovation
Promethium’s solution is already in full use at some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 organizations, all of which struggle with complex data infrastructures and stringent governance and compliance requirements. After enduring sluggish innovation and time to market due to the long delays in assembling data, one global manufacturer deployed Promethium to automate the processes and condense its data team into a single analyst, reducing data query times across multiple systems from months to minutes.

“Our Data Navigation System provides a fully automated solution that helps enterprises extract answers across the most diverse and complex sources, with nothing more than natural language,” said Kaycee Lai, CEO and Founder of Promethium. “Our customers say it’s like having a virtual assistant that allows anyone to put the value of their data to work.”

Data Navigation System is offered as a SaaS solution in the public cloud or in the customer’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or as an on-premise solution. For more and to request a product demo, please visit:

About Promethium:
Promethium is an augmented data management provider and the first company to combine natural language processing with self-service analytics, which allows users to tap their organization’s entire data estate for answers to questions asked in plainspoken language. Promethium’s AI and ML-driven contextual automation software delivers actionable insight within minutes instead of months (with sub-second query times) while ensuring all data used to deliver information is fully governed. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Menlo Park, Calif. For more info:

Media Contact: Chris Blake, 1 415-989-9000,

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