By Christopher Elliott | October 9, 2021

Wait for it.

If you’re looking for a price break on airfares or hotel rates, you’ve probably heard that advice. The fall season is a terrific opportunity to find a travel deal.

But will that advice work this fall?

“The further ahead you look, the greater the uncertainty,” says John Niser, director of the International School of Hospitality and Tourism at Fairleigh Dickinson University. “That’s more true than ever this fall.”

He says now, during early fall, bargain hunters are looking for fall travel deals, but are hesitant to book. That’s keeping travelers from planning too far ahead – and creating new discount opportunities.

So, what to do? It turns out many of this year’s travel bargains are in the same geographic location, more or less. You can find lower prices using a combination of smart timing and tried-and-true strategies, according to experts.

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