First off, kids love summer break, and parents love providing lifelong memories of summer for them, but they also think about their children’s success in the upcoming school year.  For many, merging the two has traditionally meant scheduling amidst family cross country trips and tennis camps within a short window of summer school courses…it’s not always easy.

Now with online education, summer school and learning are becoming  game changers for many parents. When we think about scheduling yet another important summer activity for our children, one that makes the idea of summer school much easier for our kids to embrace, and for us as parents, to fathom even suggesting.

It’s the online and mobile technology devices, our tablets, laptops, smart phones that make online summer school possible. There’s something empowering about offering a simple and smart approach to keeping our kids’ most recent lessons fresh so that they’ll have a great start in the fall. Imagine the simplicity of honing multiplication skills with younger children using game-based apps, during a San Francisco to New York flight which can transform an otherwise grueling trip into something a bearable.

Your summer school curriculum will be based on his or her needs and interests. Take those testy middle school and high school students who are suddenly curious about The Great Gatsby, if only because of the star-studded remake, who can easily find and learn more about F. Scott Fitzgerald and the roaring twenties, as well as his other revered novels in time for this fall’s English Literature class.

In my business, I collaborate with astute entrepreneurs who are redefining K-12 online education given their relationships with experts in education and their understanding about consumers and families’ busy lives. Even Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and others universities are redefining collegiate education with Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs.

As for online summer school, it’s a perfect idea that allows for more time to hone the perfect cross court forehand, a visit to the Grand Canyon, and more lifelong memories of summer.