Originally published December 12, 2023 | By: Rob Porter

The Hotel business is notoriously chaotic with its fast-paced environment. It’s no small task to keep an entire staff well-trained and working in-sync. Chief Training Officers (CTOs) are responsible for the onboarding experience, ensuring that new workers are prepared for their positions and supported as they learn the ropes. With employee retention becoming increasingly important to long term success in the hospitality industry, here are some strategies CTOs can use to bring their workforce up to speed and running smoothly.

1. Role-Centric Training Programs

Recognizing the unique demands of each position is the foundation of successful onboarding. Hotel CTOs should collaborate directly with their staff when developing training programs for each department. Front desk workers, housekeeping, concierge and pool attendants all need different skills to succeed in their positions. CTOs that communicate with their staff members can make better informed decisions on what should and shouldn’t be included in the training for each position.

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