Web content and customer experience management provider Kentico Software this week unveiled findings from a survey of American web users that suggests marketers now have more resolution-minded customers to cater to than in previous years. According to the research, 31% of web users have made resolutions for the New Year, with another 27% still likely to do so belatedly. Of those who have made resolutions, a third intend to search online for products or services that can help them achieve their New Year’s goals, and 38% will look for sites or apps that can help them track their progress in achieving their goals. Meanwhile, 26% will look for blogs and other sites for helpful information.

“With a third of Americans [making] resolutions for the New Year, it behooves digital marketers to cater to this demographic as a significant percentage of these self-improvers will be going online in search of information, products and support that can help them achieve their goals,” said Kentico CEO and founder Petr Palas, in a news release.

The survey suggested that women are twice as more likely than men to go online for products and services, including trackers that can help them accomplish their New Year’s goals. The 18-29 demographic is the most enthusiastic about looking online for support, with 45% planning to look for tracking sites and apps and 39% looking to blogs and other sites for helpful information.

When asked about the areas in which they hope to improve themselves, resolution-minded survey participants listed the following among their top three choices:

  • Fitness (65%)
  • Healthy eating (57%)
  • Relationships (28%)
  • Professional (19%)
  • Volunteer work / helping others (15%)
  • Smoking, alcohol or other addictions (12%—6% of whom are already seeking alcoholism treatment)
  • Education (11%)
  • Bad computer or cell phone habits (1%)

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