SAN FRANCISCOJuly 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — MSR Communications, (MSR), a boutique public relations agency and digital marketing firm today announced it has been awarded two Hermes Creative Awards: one Gold and one Platinum for the creation of ‘PR in 1999 and 2019,’ an infographic that showcases the evolution of PR and the media over two decades; and its Trend Report: ‘How Readership, Timing and Social Shares Affect SEO and Earned Media Value’ about the impact of earned media on enterprise technology companies. MSR Communications was recognized for its ingenuity in digital marketing categories Web Creativity and Digital Messaging.

Retrospective: How PR has Evolved Over the Past 20 Years
To honor its 20th year in business, MSR created the award-winning infographic ‘PR in 1999 and 2019: A 20 Year Retrospective’ to provide a look back at the many ways the media landscape and PR have changed over the last 20 years. For example, in 1999, the media were captivated by emerging technologies that were beginning to impact business and consumer markets–particularly mobile and web-based innovations. Fast forward 20 years to 2019, concerns for information security, privacy, and consumer well-being related to these evolved technologies have become paramount issues frequently covered by the media.

“Public relations and the media landscape have continuously changed during the past two decades,” said Mary Shank Rockman, MSR Principal and CEO. “Creating MSR’s infographic ‘PR in 1999 and 2019: A 20-Year Retrospective’ was a great way to reflect on the many innovations that have shaped our current day PR and media relations practices. As the media continue to evolve, so too must PR practitioners adapt our best practices to ensure the strongest possible collaboration and results for clients. The Hermes Creative Awards recognizes this need for continued progression and collaboration in creative fields.”

The Future of PR: the Increasing Role of Advanced Data Analytics
For its award-winning Trend Report, MSR analyzed over 400 articles to predict the impact of earned media on SEO and found that social shares may boost an article’s SEO impact–an additional 100 social shares could boost the MOZ score by 3 to 7 points. As most enterprise-related articles shared infrequently–65 percent received less than 8 social shares–this represents an opportunity for differentiation.

“Over the past 20 years PR measurement tools and data analytics have also evolved,” said MSR Director of Data Science and Technology and author of the award-winning Trend Report, Michael Burke. “Thanks to MSR’s extensive experience collaborating with data management and analytics companies, we’ve been at the forefront of leveraging data science to help determine the impact of earned media. As our Trend Report reveals, these techniques analyze patterns, help identify trends and predict potential outcomes that enable us to refine our practices to best suit our clients’ needs.”

“As new trends emerge, MSR Communications is dedicated to consistently developing relationships and constituencies that not only elevate our brand, but all our current and future clients,” said MSR Principal and CEO, Mary Shank Rockman.

eBook Makes Enterprise Data Easy for Marketers/Executives
To celebrate more than 20 years working with top enterprise technology companies, the firm also announced its release of A Beginner’s Guide to Enterprise Data, an introductory guide to help marketers, executives, or anyone else entering the enterprise data industry ramp up quickly on the key principles and jargon of Big Data and analytics. “We work with many marketing executives who, despite having impressive business acumen, are new to the world of enterprise data,” said Chris Blake, Director of Enterprise Technology, MSR Communications. “We hope this eBook will serve as a ‘crash course’ for entering an important and growing industry.”

About MSR Communications
MSR Communications is an independent public relations agency and digital marketing firm that offers award-winning creative intelligence and superior communications management services to technology, B2B and consumer lifestyle companies. MSR has practice areas in media, influencers and analyst relations; speaker placement programs; corporate positioning and messaging, social media and digital marketing unified communications; and crises and reputation management. Based in San Francisco, CA, MSR Communications has been named a Small PR Agency of the Year by Bulldog Reporter; Top Place to Work in PR by PR News; and is the recipient of numerous awards by leading PR/marketing industry associations. For more information, visit or call (415) 989-9000.

Mary Shank Rockman
MSR Communications