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Every year around this time, I start to think more about just how old-fashioned it seems that in PR, we still do so much of our storytelling around seasons and holidays. Having now been in the business world for three years, it’s becoming apparent to me that it’s very easy to get disconnected from the rhythms of the seasons and the calendar of holidays. Something about the pace of business tends to leave one wanting for more nature, ritual, and time to think and reflect on the passing of time, but in order to make a story out of business it has to be connected.

I’m fortunate that our PR plans routinely involve anchoring products and services to holidays and seasons. Sometimes, there’s a connection by default, like with our client Clustrix, who make a scale-out database for e-commerce. Naturally we would do pitches around Black Friday and seasonal changes in database demands for a company like Clustrix. We don’t stop there though. We know that in order for a story to work, it has to appeal to human beings, and what’s more appealing to human beings than our yearly wheel of holidays and traditions? We yearn for it, and we need it.

So as we head toward the end of the year and some of the most cherished holidays in our culture, I give thanks for working in an industry that has the power to help tie everything, from databases to devices that improve shampoo efficiency, to the fabric of life.