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Originally published January 18, 2024 | By: Jessica Booth

In this Forbes feature, we learn the intricacies of the INTJ personality type, as defined by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The article opens by explaining what the MBTI assessment involves, its limits, and what each letter in the typing means for an INTJ.

The article goes on to provide insights into potential career paths where INTJs are likely to excel, thanks to their preference for roles offering structure and intellectual stimulation. It also touches upon careers that may not align well with their characteristics, offering a more holistic perspective on the professional choices suitable for INTJs.

Lastly, the article explains romantic, platonic and work relationship patterns for INTJs. Their introverted and straightforward demeanor often leads them to be selective in choosing their companions. However, once a connection is established, INTJs prove to be loyal and dependable friends or partners. In a professional setting, their inclination is to concentrate on individual tasks, and they may tend to avoid forming close friendships at work.

To read more about the MBTI assessment and INTJ characteristics, visit Forbes for the full article.