While everyone needs a break from physical presence at the office now and then, personality type plays a significant role in a person’s preferences for either being physically present or working remotely. Furthermore, it plays a role in preferences for structured office hours versus a more flexible “get the job done” approach.

People in numerous professions over the past two years have adjusted to a remote working situation, which also has brought more flexibility to the table. Now, as companies contemplate how to return to the office, how people respond to it will also be heavily influenced by personality type. Specifically, companies need to think about those who prefer introversion (versus extraversion) who may have welcomed the switch to working from home and may in some cases be dreading a return to “normalcy.”

As companies contemplate how to manage this shift, they should keep a few things in mind:

• Data shows that productivity has not fallen with remote working.

• In what has been called the Great Resignation and the “turnover tsunami,” people are leaving their jobs in droves.

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