Originally published February 12, 2024 | By: Jack Kelly

This article focuses on the role that artificial intelligence (AI) is now playing in professional sports. AI’s impact lies in its unique ability to analyze large sets of data and produce recommendations for human coaching staff, trainers, and sales teams.

AI in the NFL

Kelly summarizes in the article how AI will be used to optimize training, prevent injuries and push athletes to peak performance by studying players actions during training, practice and games. AI can analyze biometric data to detect early signs of injury, find player idiosyncrasies, and be used to verify or challenge controversial calls in game. This shift towards data-driven decision-making will be adopted by all thirty two NFL clubs.

Business Impacts in the NBA

Kelly expands on the idea of AI and sports by explaining how a conversational AI provider, Conversica is changing the ways that tickets are being sold. In the article, Conversica CEO Jim Kaskade explains how their AI is augmenting sales teams by streamlining the often long process of finding leads. Their AI can use predictive analytics to offer recommendations to past ticket holders in the form of emails or texts.

Human Touch Still Necessary

Despite its ability to analyze huge volumes of data, AI is still not a replacement for human expertise and ability for contextual awareness. AI is a powerful tool that assists coaches, trainers, and medical professionals in creating a safer, more competitive environment based on data rather than haunches.

Check out the full article for deeper dives into specific examples and the different ways AI is used across various sports.