Below is a well written article by SleepRate, a new service to help millions of people who have trouble sleeping get help by simply using a smartphone and a heart rate monitor. SleepRate accurately assesses sleep issues and offers a personalized plan to drastically improve sleep quality. The article below is a story about “Cupid and the Sandman”

Better sleep leads to a better life. In few areas is this more true than in your love life

Sex Drive: are you the Big Bad Wolf, or the sleepy little lamb?

First and foremost, sleep is intimately — no pun intended — connected to your sex drive. Numerous psychologists have reported that lack of sleep is a major contributor to a litany of sex-related problems, including:

  • Decreased interest in sex

  • Low libido

  • Low testosterone

For anyone interested in having a great love life, the fact that poor sleep wreaks havoc on your sex drive ought to seal the deal. But there’s more. It can also interfere with romance on other levels as well.

Grumpy — not the most popular of Snow White’s Seven

A quick scan of men’s and women’s magazine articles on relationships reveals that “in a perpetually bad mood” doesn’t rate highly on most people’s lists of desirable qualities in a mate. OK, maybe that shouldn’t surprise anyone. However, healthy sleep is a major contributor to our ability to maintain a good mood, which is a big component of a fulfilling relationship.

Gomer Pile — not exactly a love god

Sure, we all know people who aren’t so bright, yet manage to work the opposite sex into a frenzy. However, these folks usually have some unique angle to play, i.e. extraordinarily good looks, talent (athletic, musical, etc.) or lots of money. All other things being equal, a sharp mind makes you more attractive to your mate. Conversely, a brain like Swiss cheese…less so.

The connection between cognitive abilities and sleep is well established — your brain functions better on all levels when you’re getting healthy sleep. So, this Valentine’s Day, if you’re looking to charm that special someone with your wit, or dazzle them with your intellect, be sure to get a good night’s sleep.

Nothing says “I love you” like “I’ve got a headache”

For most human beings, our interest in amorous encounters correlates heavily to how good we feel, which is closely tied to our sleep habits. In particular, sleep deprivation has been demonstrated to cause migraines. In cases where “I’ve got a headache” just doesn’t cut it, consider what researcher Robert Thayer, PhD, refers to as “tense tiredness” — a nasty combination of being both exhausted, and stressed at the same time. Not exactly a recipe for a successful Valentine’s Day!

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