The GDPR timer is quickly ticking down to the implementation date of 25 May 2018. Software companies are rushing to roll out products to help organisations prepare, and while none of them alone are a data protection panacea, some offer welcome support on the path to compliance.

ComputerworldUK makes the case for regtech and looks at some of the best GDPR compliance tools.

12. Janrain Consent Lifecycle Management

Customer Identity and Access Management company Janrain launched a Consent Lifecycle Management (CLM) tool in June.

The cloud-based service is designed to support compliance the enhanced consent requirements under GDPR by providing highly-customisable granular consent forms that can be invoked whenever a new purpose requires them.

Consumers receive a clearer understanding of the data processing that they are providing consent for and the areas where they have opted out.

They can review, validate, revoke or edit make other changes to their consent declarations through a dashboard at any time, and download the information as a PDF document.