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With Data Privacy Day on January 28, marketers should be thinking about how they can improve the privacy of their customers’ data. Here are five tips:

Putting the customer first

“Access to personal customer data is not an entitlement, it’s a privilege – treat it with courtesy and respect. Maintaining consumer trust is key. A responsible approach to consumer data and privacy is a competitive advantage. Responsible data management is a means by which consumers differentiate brands and companies. Those who adopt a consumer-first approach, will gain a competitive advantage,” said Bryta Schulz, VP of Marketing,¬†Janrain.

Be transparent

“To manage customer concerns about privacy, businesses should be transparent by explaining how their personal data is being collected, what the information is being used for, and by giving people a choice to opt out or opt in. (For companies serving EU residents, GDPR will make this the law come May.) Notice and consent represents the balance between organizational accountability and individual privacy self-management,” said Schulz.

Walk a Fine Line

“Brands have more intelligence on customers at their fingertips than ever before, between social media activity, web activity and myriad sources of primary data. But there’s a fine line between hyper-personalized communication and just plain creepiness, as Netflix recently demonstrated with a tweet that was a little too personal,” said Schulz.

Create Added Value

“Rewards – brands should ensure that data collection is mutually beneficial to all involved. Consumers are willing to share data if they perceive there is a value or benefit to them in return Offer consumers benefits and rewards in exchange for the use of their data,” said Schulz.

Avoid apologizing later — learn from big data blunders

“When organizations get privacy right they retain the trust of consumers. When they get it wrong, their customer base responds. Brands are built on trust, and the misuse or abuse of personal data has the potential to destroy that trust,” said Schulz.