AMSTERDAMFeb. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Kaptivo, creator of the world’s best-selling whiteboard collaboration system, announced it will exhibit its one-of-a-kind device at ISE 2019 in Amsterdam, and demonstrate the new features of its Kaptivo Enterprise product.

“Most creative, financial, engineering, technical and executive teams, as well as classrooms, use whiteboards with good reason–they make it incredibly easy to visually communicate ideas,” said David Hsieh, CEO of Kaptivo. “However, they don’t really translate into a digital world, where dispersed teams collaborate remotely and lectures are consumed online. Kaptivo brings the whiteboard to the 21st century, without asking people to change behaviors or learn new technologies.”

Bringing the whiteboard into the digital age
Kaptivo turns any whiteboard into a digital collaboration device by capturing its contents for archiving and/or streaming in real-time, allowing users to use the whiteboard they already have to:

  • Enable globally dispersed teams to share and visualize whiteboard content via a web browser on any device, or through video conferencing tools such as Zoom (with virtual background zoom images), Polycom, BlueJeans, Lifesize, and others
  • Capture entire meetings, sessions and presentations, eliminating the need to take notes or photos
  • Improve visual clarity by eliminating streaks, glares, shadows, obstructions and bad angles

In addition to cloud connectivity and a self-hosted connection option for security-sensitive enterprise customers and pairing capabilities for integration with most video conferencing platforms, new Kaptivo Enterprise features include:

  • KaptivoCast, for easy integration with video conferencing systems
  • WebApp 3.0, which showcases workflow integrations into numerous third-party platforms including Microsoft Teams and Slack
  • Kaptivo Insight account management portal, which makes it easy to manage fleets of Kaptivo devices through a centralized dashboard

Whiteboard-centric meetings and lectures, with zero information loss
In addition to streaming whiteboard contents for remote meetings, Kaptivo chronicles every entire meeting session in a series of snapshots by advanced image processing algorithms that detect every significant change, and can be downloaded by participants up to an hour after each session.

“Collaboration technology revolutionized the world by digitizing vocal, face-to-face and written communication. It’s time that we digitize the fourth communication medium: drawing,” continued Hsieh. “Other attempts missed the mark by replacing the whiteboard. Kaptivo has connected it, leveraging the power of its invaluable visual abilities by turning the whiteboard into a fully-featured digital communication device that anyone can afford.”

ISE conference attendees can experience Kaptivo at the company’s booth, #15-S252, for a demonstration of its new features, such as a self-hosted connection option for deployment entirely within secure, internal private networks and the Kaptivo Insight portal for managing multiple devices. We’re also hosting our own Happy Hour celebration–join us at our booth for free drinks on Wednesday, February 6 from 3:30-5pm.

About Kaptivo
Whiteboards are the universal tool for communicating visual concepts–Kaptivo has digitally connected it. We turn any whiteboard–even if it was made in the 1950s–into a digital communication device that anyone can afford, making meetings, lectures or any situation involving a whiteboard better. We’re not replacing the whiteboard because it’s already perfectly simple. People love writing on a real whiteboard, and we help them do it more efficiently. A secure solution integrated with all major collaboration, video conferencing and LMS platforms, Kaptivo is available for businesses, schools and organizations of all sizes. Kaptivo is privately held and backed by a transatlantic syndicate of venture-capital investors including Benhamou Global Ventures (Palo Alto), Draper Esprit PLC (London) and Generation Ventures (Toronto), with offices in Cambridge, UK and San Mateo, California. To learn more about Kaptivo, visit

Contact: Michael, (415) 989-9000

SOURCE Kaptivo

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