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By Michael Burke, Account Director    As the smoke clears from the fevered discussion on The Cloud, the term “hybrid IT” has emerged as a new rallying cry for IT departments worldwide. It may, in fact, be considered a tempered view of cloud computing–one that takes a more realistic stock of some of the challenges… View Article
By: Crisel Mills, Senior Director   As PR professionals we’re constantly thinking of story ideas when we’re in between announcements. Specifically, we’re thinking about our target audience and the various news hooks they might be interested in – and it’s this process of “always on” that defines proactive pitching. While these stories may take a… View Article
By Susanna Kalnes, Senior Associate    Public relations is an incredibly rewarding and fun profession to be in because not only do you learn something new every single day, but you are also challenged to use your creativity constantly.  When your job is to create news headlines – sometimes out of thin air – you… View Article
By Michael Burke, Account Director Public Relations is the art and science of an organization cultivating its relationship with its target audiences. Therefore, what’s referred to as the “Buyer Persona” may be one of the most valuable tools that a marketing department can provide to inform a PR campaign. A “persona” put simply is a… View Article
By: Ryan Wilkinson, Account Coordinator  Raise your hand if you’ve ever stared at a blank Word document or sheet of paper, deadline looming, with an idea in your head and no clue how to translate it into written word. If that describes you right now, don’t panic just yet! Whether you’re a PR pro, working… View Article
By: Michael Burke, Account Director For those not in the IT profession, “virtualization” tends to be a confusing topic, and possibly for good reason. It deals with the abstraction of computer hardware, and “abstraction” by definition is, well…abstract. Also, it’s something that for the most part you don’t see because you’re not supposed to see… View Article
By Jon Lavietes, Senior Associate  One of the great differentiators of MSR Communications company culture is that the firm doesn’t require its employees to account for every activity performed during the day to the 10th or quarter of an hour, or some similarly granular level. By contrast, many midsize and large PR agencies have their… View Article
By: Crisel Mills, Senior Director I was recently having a conversation with a coworker, and we started talking about mommy bloggers and how much the space has changed in the last ten years. Most of the change I’ve seen has come from brands’ willingness to partner with mommy bloggers which has helped some turn their… View Article