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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge stands as a testament to the power of campaigns that inspire people to create compelling content around a simple concept—something the marketing world has known about for some time.

And the numbers in a new study by Kentico Software, to be released on September 8, back that up.

According to the survey: “35% of those who donate online say they are sometimes moved to give more than planned when presented with compelling website content. But while visual content is commonly credited for amplifying many of today’s digital marketing efforts, when it comes to charities, donors are much more likely to respond to personal stories (35%) and statistics (32%) than images (6%) or videos (3%).”

“New donors can be extremely difficult to reach—even online, which is why non-profit digital marketers must be incredibly creative,” said Kentico CEO and Founder Petr Palas “The ALS ice bucket challenge is a perfect example of how a non-profit organization can use creative, compelling, and inherently shareable content to introduce itself to millions of new potential donors.”

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