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1. Make your story newsworthy

Of course, your story is important to you, but is it newsworthy to the media? When you are sharing your story with the media, whether it is in a pitch or sending out a press release, you have to find the news angle that will strike a chord with media professionals. That is how you can get them to run your story.

2. Build relationships with key journalists

When looking at all of the media professionals, you will see that some cover your city or region, some cover your industry and others may cover something else that relates to your business in some way. Journalists that are already looking to write about the news you have make your work much easier.

3. Be timely and accessible

News only has a short window of relevancy.

4. Identify and follow journalists on social media

It is perfectly fine to hit up journalists on their public social media channels and let them know that you have something that might interest them. Keep it professional.

5. Personalize your emails

If you have an email list compiled that you are sending a mass or group email to, be sure to make it personalized. Nothing is worse for a reporter than to think that everyone else received this, so their story will not be unique enough to cut it.

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