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Finding the right influencers to advocate for your brand and building long-lasting relationships takes time and patience. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be a daunting task. Many PR pros who aim to get coverage in high-visibility media outlets and at a national level often overlook great opportunities available in their own communities. Hyperlocal PR can sometimes create the biggest buzz. We’ve got three reasons why you should be building up your niche community:

1. Familiarity. To build a community of advocates, it helps to know how your company fits in with local interests. Being familiar with your area and community members gives you a head start at inserting your brand into those conversations. You can also monitor social media and segment mentions of your brand or product by geography to get a solid lead on area interests.

2. Accessibility. Local members of the media are on the lookout for attention-grabbing area news. While national journalists are frequently inundated with pitches and story ideas, local media contacts often crowdsource or turn to social media to find what is trending in their neighborhoods. While getting picked up by a national outlet is great, regular mentions at a local level can be just as effective—and easier to land.

3. Loyalty. Creating relationships at a local level means your advocates are invested in your brand. You’ve provided them with useful content, offered your expertise to the media and you’ve been able to connect in person, making your brand relatable and front-of-mind to the surrounding community. This creates long-term and loyal customers and influencers.


Source: Cision