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If you’re not familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), it measures four pairs of personality preferences: Introversion (I) versus Extraversion (E); Sensing (S) versus Intuiting (I); Thinking (T) versus Feeling (F); and Judging (J) versus Perceiving (P). The 16 types are detailed on the official Myers-Briggs website, and you can take a free online test here. If you… View Article
With the Internet of Things now a reality in auto and other industries, companies are finding themselves remarkably changed–and challenged–by the availability and analysis of data from a multitude of sensors. Companies like Tesla are taking the lead with “over-the-air” remote maintenance, driverless technology and the connected infrastructures. These IoT advancements mark a growing need… View Article
The business is demanding (and using) multiple communications tools such as instant messaging, video, chat rooms, collaboration tools, social media and texting. They like the speed, efficiency and spirit of collaboration, at often significant cost savings. But how does IT keep up with all these changes? Quentin Kramer, Director, UC Consulting & Architecture, SPS recently… View Article
epi24, developers of The Womanizer (, a popular line of PleasureAir intimacy products, has just signed on as a Bronze sponsor at the annual CatalystCon, a conference that inspires conversations around sexuality. “We’re excited to support CatalystCon, a progressive conference that’s just as passionate as we are about sex-positive attitudes and the advancement of sexual health… View Article
This article is written by Randy Martinsen on his review of personality tests via Napa Valley Register Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to take multiple personality tests. They each have a different focus, but generally are all the same when it comes to helping one understand why a person behaves the way… View Article
It’s been 10 years since Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet in 2006, when the service was called Twttr and this week the world is celebrating the 10th birthday of the most popular micro-blogging site, Twitter. There has been a worldwide online anniversary with the trending post “Thank you! Love Twitter,” inviting people to celebrate its first… View Article